About Us

We are a group that will 'say what we believe-in and will do what we say' – We are in the off-shored research business and the most important aspects as a company that manages work in this domain is the ability to clearly understand a 'problem-statement' and then 'deliver' the work product – All our systems are designed to uphold this – The operating words are 'Clear communications and understanding expectations', 'Adherence to quality and delivery commitments' – Our idea of building relations is based on 100% adherence to all these topics and Integrate with our clients' needs as we keep delivering.

Here is What We Do

We do Intellectual Property Analytics and can assist you with the following:

Patent Prosecution
Invalidation Searches
FTO Analysis
Landscape Analysis
State of the art Searches
IP Watch

And we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Level 8, Umiya Business Bay, Tower 1, Cessna Business Bay, Marathahalli ORR, Bengaluru, 560 103, Karnataka, India
E-mail: sales@integrateresearch.com Phone: +91 80 6757 7863